Custom Web Application Development with Rails

Our specialty is using Ruby on Rails to develop your Web 2.0 project from alpha to public launch. We work with startups who are still discovering their needs, and established companies with full-scale enterprise systems.

Here are some features we can add to your website:

Project Scoping

We will work closely with you to determine your business needs and flesh out engineering specs. From here, we can assess the relative effort each task will require, giving you a range of budget options and estimated delivery times. This scoping process is the first step in our client workflow, however it can also be offered a la carte.


We are experienced with training and mentoring developers in Ruby, Ruby on Rails, and Test-Driven Development. We can arrange a training course, or bootstrap a project by on-site pair programming. Please inquire for more information.

Developer Auditing and Project Architecting

We can review your existing code base to assess architecture, design, and best practices. We can also architect your system from scratch, including database models and behavioral specs/tests.

Candidate Selection

We can work with your HR team to help you select the right candidate for your position. Our combined experience in Java, PHP, C++, and Ruby on Rails gives us the know-how to recognize solid expertise.